Laboratory furniture

Namestnik Laboratorijko pohištvoLaboratory furniture
For ambulances, laboratories, schools …

Company Namestnik d.o.o. manufactures high quality laboratory furniture, and also cooperates with other, larger companies in assembling laboratory furniture. Laboratory furniture is manufactured exclusively on request, so we invite you to fill out the form for demand or call us and we will be pleased to provide you with an offer. Photographs of the laboratories we have created ourselves are available in the photo gallery down below. We have also worked for Mikro+Polo.

For more info or to get a budget for the manufacture of laboratory furniture, CLICK HERE and fill out the form.

Here you can see the custom made laboratory furniture for our clients:

Namestnik d.o.o.

Bezena 57 A
2342 Ruše

Tel: (059) 122 499
Faks: (059) 122 499
GSM: (041) 639 000


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