New generation doors

New generation doors *

Company Namestnik d.o.o. represents the innovative and contemporary doors of the new generation *, which were first presented to the public at the 49th Craft Fair MOS in Celje. The doors have a modern design with straight lines, without unnecessary corners and are therefore very appealing at the first sight.

Main advantages:

1 Contemporary design
2 Large selection of decor
3 Durable, compact and lightweight design
4 Sound and thermal insulation
5 Modern fittings
6 Quick production
7 Affordability

Vrata nove generacije Namestnik d.o.o.

Vrata nove generacije Namestnik d.o.o.

For more info or if you want to get a budget for creating your next generation home door, CLICK HERE and fill out the form.

The new generation door can be viewed on any workday at the headquarters of the company Namestnik d.o.o. in Bezena near Ruse. You are most welcome to come and visit us!.

* Patent application no. P-201600116 at the RS Intellectual Property Office

Namestnik d.o.o.

Bezena 57 A
2342 Ruše

Tel: (059) 122 499
Faks: (059) 122 499
GSM: (041) 639 000


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