Trend office

Office setting new criteria

The writing desk “twin” is designed with the idea of flexibility of use. Without loss of functionality, you can set it yourself, and the best aesthetic effect is achieved by mirroring the two tables, which form a meaningful and sophisticated whole. The oak veneer on the work plate breaks in the same pattern and continues into the side surface that supports the table instead of the feet. On the opposite side, the board is located on the tray. The special elegance of the table gives the contrast of the bare oak veneer and graphite gray laminate.

Pisarna Trend Miza Namestnik d.o.o.

The program is supplemented with high quality cabinets combined with oak, graphite gray and glossy white. You will want such fruniture for the office space that you want to arrange at a high level and emphasize the good taste of the user.


1 Sophisticated design that creates a new trend
2 A striking color combination
3 High-quality design with modern systems and fittings
4 Strong cabinets with full back plate (thickness 19 mm)
5 Possibility of additional reinforcement of shelves in cabinets with brackets

Some companies follow trends. We’re creating them!

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