Office with backbone

Office with backbone

We got the idea for an office with backbone when visiting one of our customers. The bookshelf shelves have shifted as heavily as Shi, We have decided to make an office that is solid, resilient, modern and practical. Our shelves do not hang, which are made of stronger Iveral. The shelves of the shelves usually consist of thin, flexible plates. However, our office has a good backbone – a full 19 mm thick plate, which also allows the mounting of the additional carriers. The sides of the shelf can be supplied in 19 mm or 25 mm thickness. Four modern, fresh and calm color shades enable an office design that your company will be proud of.

Pisarna s hrbtenico - prednosti - Namestnik d.o.o.ADVANTAGES:

1 High-quality and strong design with back plate (thickness 19 mm)
2 Additional reinforcement of shelves with brackets
3 Short delivery time and reasonable prices
4 Fresh, modern colors (light blue, mint, light gray, diamond white)
5 Simple and practical shape

For more info or to get a budget for the manufacture of laboratory furniture, CLICK HERE and fill out the form.

Pisarna s hrbtenico - visoka omara - Namestnik d.o.o.Pisarna s hrbtenico - nizka omara - Namestnik d.o.o.Pisarna s hrbtenico - omara s polico - Namestnik d.o.o.Pisarna s hrbtenico - predalniki - Namestnik d.o.o.Pisarna s hrbtenico - mize - Namestnik d.o.o.

Namestnik d.o.o.

Bezena 57 A
2342 Ruše

Tel: (059) 122 499
Faks: (059) 122 499
GSM: (041) 639 000


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